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Wheelwriter 1000

Tech Specs

This entry level IBM Wheelwriter 1000 is the perfect choice for the business, home or classroom. With its ease of use and excellent print quality, this American-made typewriter is the top performer of its type made anywhere.

The IBM Lexmark Wheelwriter Typewriters have been solid powerhouse machines providing the best in features and reliability for decades of service.

Incorporating the quality and performance of larger IBM Wheelwriter Typewriters in a more compact size, the versatile Wheelwriter 1000 is the perfect choice for business or home.  Add to that its ease of use, "classic IBM Selectric touch keyboard" and excellent print quality, and the American-made IBM Wheelwriter 1000 Typewriter emerges as the most solid performer of its type anywhere.



The Wheelwriter 1000 features include: Automatic Carrier Return, Automatic Centering, Battery Backup, Bold print, Continuous Underscore, Correction Buffer - 6K, Decimal Tab, Express Cursor and Relocate Keys, Reprint, Right Flush, Selection of Pitches (10, 12, 15, PS), Spell Check, Word Tab, Word Erase, Programmable Top Margin and Line find.

Each reconditioned Wheelwriter Typewriter is thoroughly inspected, cleaned, all necessary parts replaced, lubricated, tested, and includes a power cord, new ribbon, new lift off tape and a full one year warranty.

Wheelwriter 1000:


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